Thursday, 31 October 2013

Windows 8.1 is out!

We were sorry for posting this post too late.

Windows 8.1.The new latest update for Windows 8 which brings alot of improvements and many more.

On 17 October 2013 , Windows has released the new  update Windows 8.1 in Windows Store.This updates bring a lot of improvements including the return of the START Button,The multitasking windows and many more.

For your information this update can be installed by using the Windows Store.The update appears on the featured part of the store.This update contain 3.63 GB of size and take sometime to download it.

here we put some pictures :

New Windows Store interface

Facebook for Windows  8.1

My Computer were replaced with ThisPC

Windows 8.1 brings IE11 along with it


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[CHROMIUM] How to Create your own Chromium browser in only 5 minutes.


Today i want to teach you how to create your own Chromium web browser within 5 Min.


First of all Logon to and the click Start now!
2nd . Then insert your Browser Name as in example i choose MERS.
3rd after that put a browser icons on the upload your photo box.

4th Put your FAVOURITE bookmarks for example the bookmarks that have been putted is Gmail,Facebook,Yahoo,Amazon.
The youtube bookmarks i put it before i snapp this screenshot

 5th you may detected that this picture as same as above.Ok nevermind we proceed.Set your home page..your prefered home this tuts i put the default
 Now let's choose our browser theme.The default should go within the Default chromium.You can choose whatever theme you want.Let's proceed to the next step.
For this time,there are only 8 themes available..the others you can put manually.
 Tick the I Agree the T&C and click on the Finish and download
 Please wait untill your browser complete.This process may only take in 2,3 seconds then it will automatically download your browser installer that have been created by MakeMyBrowser.
The installer will be named as YourChromium.exe

Thanks to +Martha Whitehorn for the suggestion to use MakeMyBrowser to create your own chromium browser in less than 5 min.

For your information +Martha Whitehorn  was the MakeMyBrowser app developer.
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Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Champion of Interstate(Kuala Lumpur) English Drama Competition

I'm going to announced the champion for interstate English Drama Competition was SMK St. John.I'm proud to be Johannian.You can watch the SMK St. John Drama Team perform on yesterday.


Facebook introduced Embed post

Maybe some of you didn't notice the present of embed post in facebook.But now you may take a look at a post than click on the arrow beside the post you will see Delete post,edit post,report post and the latest embed post.Now you can embed post to your website like embedding tweets to your website.Try it now.Here is the example.


KOMSAS Tingkatan 2 : Sinopsis Hikayat Anggun Cik Tunggal

KOMSAS Tingkatan 2 : Sinopsis Hikayat Anggun Cik Tunggal

Hari ini saya akan kongsikan sinopsis Hikayat Anggun Cik Tunggal yang saya sendiri buat.Sharing is caring.Dan jika anda ingin kongsikan kepada orang lain jangan lupa untuk bagi kredit dan kepada yg ingin menggunakannya sebagai sinopsis komsas untuk ditulis di dalam buku komsas jangan lupa untuk menulis :
Terima Kasih atas sinopsis ini.Saya amat berterima kasih.Dapat juga saya belajar sedikit perkara dari Prosa ini

Nama :( Nama Anda)'

Sekolah : (Sekolah Anda)

[alert style="yellow"] Apabila anda ingin komen sila gunakan nama penuh anda  atau jika ingin menggunakan sebarang nama samaran sila taip nama penuh di dalam Kurungan/bracket ().Terima kasih.Kami memerlukan anda menggunakan isi butiran yang benar supaya komen anda tidak akan dibuang.Tq [/alert]



Pada suatu hari, Kapal Raja Anggun Cik Tunggal yang digelar sebagai Dendang Panjang datang berlabuh di pelabuhan untuk melakukan urusan jual beli.Secara tiba-tiba sebuah lancang kuning pun tiba dan berlabuh di hadapan Dendang Panjang.

Tindakan lancang kuning berlabuh di hadapa Dendang Panjang telah menimbulkan perasaan marah/ telah membuat Raja Anggun CIk Tunggal Murka.Lalu Raja Anggun Cik Tunggal pun menyuruh Bujang Selamat bertanya kepada pemilik lancang kuning tersebut beberapa soalan.Bujang Selamat pun ke lancang kuning dan muncul pula Si Kembang Cina di dalam lancang kuning tersebut.Bujang Selamat pun bertanya beberapa soalan kepada Si Kembang Cina,lalu Si Kembang Cina pun menjawab.Jawapan itu telah diberitahu oelh Bujang Selamat kepada Raja Anggun Cik Tunggal lalu baginda dengan murkanya menyuruh para hulunbalang  menaikkan panji-panji.Apabila baginda sudah berada di haluan/bersedia, Bujang Selamat diarahkannya untuk memasang Meriam Gerak Gempa.Letupannya menggegarkan dan pelurunya jatuh tidak jauh dari lancang kuning, Dan bermulalah perang diantara dua kapal iaitu lancang kuning dan Dendang Panjang.Kedua-dua kapal menyerang di antara satu sama lain

Raja Anggun Cik Tunggal bertambah murka.Diisinya Istinggar buatan Bali.Tuan Puteri  yang berada di lancang kuning pula mengisi terkulnya.Tiba-tiba sebuah bedilan terkena pada cincin permata Tuan Puteri lalu tercmpak ke laut.Tuan Puteri tersenyum lalu membedil kapal Raja Anggun pula.Sasarannya mengenai hujung tengkolok baginda.Dilihatnya (Tuan Puteri) Raja Anggun sedang mengisi Istinggar,Tuan Puteri terus menyalin pakaiannya lalu terserlah kecantikan asalnya.


Setakat di sini sahaja saya kongsikan.Penghujungnya belum habis saya buat.Tetapi saya harap anda berdikari untuk membuat penghujungnya sekian.

Yang Benar

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Horde new interface

Just now I just realised that Horde just changed it's interface in the latest version(v5).Before this Horde only have poor UI with classical menus and with no CSS customization but now in the latest update it has update all of it into the new interface that looks like Twitter Bootstrap.Her we inserted a few pictures on the new Horde

Get your free online Magazine now from Zinio- Malaysia

Maybe many people already know Zinio, the thing that give you many magazine through it library.Now special for Malaysian's ,Celex partnership with Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia bring Magazine collection for free for Malaysian's.

Partnership with National Library of Malaysia were one of the initiative under the Digital Malaysia,which encourages the use of technology in a variety of things.

After you have signup with Celex you can click on view collections to view the magazine collections,then automatically it will redirect you to the National Library of Malaysia magazine collection page.

The magazine will be added on Zinio account, and users can access it via the web, or for a better reading experience, can download Zinio app for iOS, Android or Windows.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

How to build your own Web Browser using Chromium

First of all you need this things :

  1. Prerequisite software:

    • Windows 7 or later.

      • A 64 bit OS is highly recommended as building on 32 bit OS is constantly becoming harder, is a lot slower and is not actively maintained.

      • At least 60 GB of free space in an NTFS volume. Tip: having the chromium source in a SSD drive greatly speeds build times.

    • Visual Studio 2010 Professional or Standard.

    • Windows 8 SDK.

    • June 2010 DirectX SDK.

    • (Optional) Cygwin

  2. Install Visual Studio 2010

    1. Make sure "X64 Compilers and Tools" are installed.

    2. Install VS2010 SP1.

  3. Install the Windows 8 SDK.

    Note: If you install the SDK in a path different than C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0 you need to set the following following environment variable:

    GYP_DEFINES=windows_sdk_path="path to sdk"

  4. Install the June 2010 DirectX SDK
    Note: If your install fails with the "Error Code: S1023" you may need to uninstall "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 Redistributable". See this tip from stackoverflow:

Next you'll need to patch Windows 8 SDK

    1. Parts of Chromium build using the winrt headers included with the Windows 8 SDK. All the headers we use, including the WRL, can be compiled with Visual C++ 2010 with the exception of one file, asyncinfo.h. This file uses a strongly typed enum which the VS2010 compiler doesn't understand. To workaround this for the time being, a small patch needs to be applied to the Windows 8 SDK to build with the winrt headers in VS2010:

      Patch for Include\winrt\asyncinfo.h

      Index: asyncinfo.h


      --- asyncinfo.h

      +++ asyncinfo.h

      @@ -63,7 +63,7 @@

       #pragma once

       #ifdef __cplusplus

       namespace ABI { namespace Windows { namespace Foundation {

      -enum class AsyncStatus {

      +enum /*class*/ AsyncStatus {

         Started = 0,



      This patch should be applied to the file "Include\winrt\asyncinfo.h" located in your Windows 8 SDK directory. If this patch is not applied, the parts of Chromium that use the Winrt headers will not compile.

      Note: By default the Windows 8 SDK will install to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\. This directory will require admin privileges to write to. Easiest way to do apply this patch is tostart an administrative command prompt, cd to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Include\winrt\, run notepad.exe asyncinfo.h and comment out or delete the word "class" on line 66.

      Note: For Googlers, this patch has already been applied to your SDK, everything should Just Work.

  1. (Optional) Install cygwin

Next Build Chromium.

First of all you need to download the depot_tools from here . or the installer ( the installer is not from The Chromium Authors but I creatd it for you to easily extract it without have to waiting for a long time

After you have download it extract it to C:\ . Next you will need to :

  1. Check out the source code using a direct svn or git checkout. Do not use a tarball since it is not compatible with Windows' svn client.

  2. Set up the component build (or else creating chrome_dll.pdb may fail laterl) and then regenerate the build files by running "gclient runhooks --force" in a cygwin/cmd window.

  3. Install API keys.

  4. Open the chrome/chrome.sln solution file in Visual Studio and build the solution. This can take from 10 minutes to 2 hours. More likely 1 hour.

  5. If you just want the Chromium browser, and none of the tests, you can speed up your build by right-clicking the chrome project in the solution explorer and selecting Build. You may want to make sure this project is the Startup project (which will display as bold) by right-clicking it and selecting Set as Startup Project. This will make Chromium (as opposed to some random test) build and run when you press F5.

[alert style="yellow"] This Step was originally taken from Chromium Project Page. [/alert]


How adblock works?

How does Adblock Plus block addresses?

The hard work here is actually done by Gecko, the engine on top of which Firefox, Thunderbird and other applications are built. It allows something called "content policies". A content policy is simply a JavaScript (or C++) object that gets called whenever the browser needs to load something. It can then look at the address that should be loaded and some other data and decide whether it should be allowed. There is a number of built-in content policies (when you define which sites shouldn't be allowed to load images in Firefox or SeaMonkey, you are actually configuring one of these built-in content policies) and any extension can register one. So all that Adblock Plus has to do is to register its content policy, other than that there is only application logic to decide which addresses to block and user interface code to allow configuration of filters.

For developers: to register a content policy you have to write an XPCOM component that should implement the nsIContentPolicy interface. Make sure to adjust the module's registerSelf method to register your component in the "content-policy" category (use the category manager for this). That's it, now your component's shouldLoad method will be called and you can decide whether the specific request should be accepted or not.

How does Adblock Plus process its filters and which filters are faster?

All filters a translated into regular expressions internally, even the ones that haven't been specified as such. For example, the filter ad*banner.gif| will be translated into the regular expression/ad.*banner\.gif$/. However, when Adblock Plus is given an address that should be checked against all filters it doesn't simply test all filters one after another — that would slow down the browsing unnecessarily.

Besides of translating filters into regular expressions Adblock Plus also tries to extract text information from them. What it needs is a unique string of eight characters (a "shortcut") that must be present in every address matched by the filter (the length is arbitrary, eight just seems reasonable here). For example, if you have a filter |http://ad.* then Adblock Plus has the choice between "http://a", "ttp://ad" and "tp://ad.", any of these strings will always be present in whatever this filter will match. Unfortunately finding a shortcut for filters that simply don't have eight characters unbroken by wildcards or for filters that have been specified as regular expressions is impossible.

All shortcuts are put into a lookup table, Adblock Plus can find the filter by its shortcut very efficiently. Then, when a specific address has to be tested Adblock Plus will first look for known shortcuts there (this can be done very fast, the time needed is almost independent from the number of shortcuts). Only when a shortcut is found the string will be tested against the regular expression of the corresponding filter. However, filters without a shortcut still have to be tested one after another which is slow.

To sum up: which filters should be used to make a filter list fast? You should use as few regular expressions as possible, those are always slow. You also should make sure that simple filters have at least eight characters of unbroken text (meaning that these don't contain any characters with a special meaning like *), otherwise they will be just as slow as regular expressions. But with filters that qualify it doesn't matter how many filters you have, the processing time is always the same. That means that if you need 20 simple filters to replace one regular expression then it is still worth it. Speaking of which — the deregifier is very recommendable.

The filter matching algorithm in detail

How does element hiding work?

Element hiding rules are translated into CSS and applied to all web pages the user is visiting. A rule like then looks like:
@-moz-document domain(
div#evil_ad, div.evil_ad
display: none !important;

@-moz-document is a proposed extension to the CSS standard, you can read more about it in theMozilla Developer Center.

Rules that are not restricted to a certain domain will be restricted to the protocols http:// and https:// to prevent them from hiding elements of the browser's user interface (it is using the chrome:// protocol scheme). For example the rule #div(evil_ad) will be translated into:
@-moz-document url-prefix(http://),url-prefix(https://)
div#evil_ad, div.evil_ad
display: none !important;

For developers: Adblock Plus is using the stylesheet service here. This interface came with Gecko 1.8 and allows extensions to add user stylesheets dynamically (before that you could only modify userContent.css which requires you to restart the browser). User stylesheets will overwrite CSS code of all web sites, they have the highest possible importance.

[alert style="yellow"] This is what we found on adblockplus wiki[/alert]

[alert style="yellow"] Source : adblockplus wiki[/alert]

How AdBlockPlus give effect to bloggers

With Adblock many users wanted to block ads from youtube,but meanwhile when you surf website example my website the advertisement in this website also will be hidden.In this case the adblock will make our revenue decreased and hard to earn money from that ads.

Artikel 88 dipinda oleh FAM - Berita Harian Online

[alert style="red"] SUMBER : dan Berita Harian Online[/alert]

[alert style="yellow"]To view all Bahasa Melayu post logon to Thank You.[/alert]

Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia ( FAM ) meminda artikel 88 yang sebelum ini menghalang semua pihak daripada mengkritik pasukan bola sepak Negara.

Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia (FAM) semalam meminda Artokel 88 yang sebelum ini menghalang semua pihak daripada mengkritik pasukan bola sepak negara.Sebelum ini Artikel 88 menjadi kritikan peminat bola sepak tempatan akibat beberapa kontroversi yang berlaku sebelum ini.

Keputusan yang dimuktamadkan dalam Kongres Tahunan FAM itu semalam, menyaksikan mana-mana ahli gabungan, pegawai, jurulatih dan pemain boleh mengeluarkan kenyataan media tetapi hanya dalam bidang kuasa masing-masing.

Sebelum ini hanya Presiden dan Setiausaha Agung sahaja yang dibenarkan mengeluarkan kenyataan media berhubung Bola sepak tempatan dan badan induk FAM.

Naib Presiden FAM, Datuk Afandi Hamzah, berkata pegawai, ahli gabungan, jurulatih dan pemain tertakluk kepada beberapa syarat dan peraturan yang akan dikeluarkan menerusi satu garis panduan dalam memberikan kenyataan kepada media.

[alert style="red"] SUMBER : dan Berita Harian Online[/alert]

[alert style="yellow"] Sumber penuh Berita Harian Online[/alert]

Saturday, 17 August 2013

BLog Problem

 If you have problem accessing my blog at (formerly )please logon to Thank you

Mencuba sedaya upaya untuk mendapatkan visitor di website

Baru-baru ni saya baru sahaja buat website saya sendiri iaitu di tetapi pada mulanya memang tidak memberangsangkan tetapi apabila lama kelamaan apabila dah senarai kan website di google yahoo dan segala search engine akhirnya sekarang boleh dikatakan memuaskan kerana setakat ini sudah semakin banyak pelawat/visiors dari dalam dan luar negara.Tetapi malang sekali sekarang ni adblock dah menghalang advertisement nuffnang yg aku pasangkan di websiteku menyebabkan ianya tidak akan dipaparkan di dalam web browser yg memasangnya melainkan jika memasuki incognito atau private mode.

Terdapat banyak masalah untuk beginner yang ingin membuat website nya sendiri antaranya ialah seperti di bawah :

Pelawat :
  1.  Pelawat  kurang banyak (Solution : buat banyak post yang boleh menarik ramai orang untuk melawat website anda)
  2. Pelawat semakin berkurangan (solutionj :sama seperti diatas cuma tambahkan sedikit lagi usaha
Advertisement :
 1. Adblock kini block banyak advertisement seperti nuffnang , google adsense dan  innity meyebabkan banyak pemilik laman web susah untuk meneruskan mata pencariannya iaitu melalui iklan atau advertisement

2. cara untuk mengatasi masalah adblock ialah meletakkan iklan popup seperti yg banyak di laman web lain.tetapi perkara ini akan menyebabkan visitor yang datang akan lari kerana website anda annoying.

itu lah masalah yang dihadapi oleh saya mungkin anda semua ada juga masalah seperti ini.jika ada sahrelah bersama di komen di bawah ini.

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The Elementary OS have been launched and available to Public

Finally The Elementary OS have been launched and available to Public.Before this the Elementary Team has run many test to developed the new Elementary OS (codename : Luna).Starting from Luna Beta 1 until Luna rc 1.Now they have succesfully developed the Elementary OS Luna.You can download it now from Elementary OS official page from the link below.

Elementary OS intro video

Screenshot (177)

[youtube width="602" height="350" video_id="pWoo4xv-qoA"]



[alert style="green"] Download Elementary OS (Luna) now [/alert]

[alert style="yellow"] We will make a review about Elementary OS in this fall In English and Bahasa Melayu [/alert]

Ubuntu Edge funding campaign has broke the world record

Maybe before this,many people has know about the funding campaign for the Ubuntu Edge the new smartphone based on Ubuntu phone OS.Now the interesting news is with only 5 days left before the funding dateline on the Indiegogo page,Ubuntu Edge has broke the world record on the highest project funding.

The Ubuntu Edge funding campaign has reached $10.3 Million, thus breaking the old record that was held by the PebbleWatch for $10.2 Million

Watch this Ubuntu Edge video to know more about Ubuntu Edge

[youtube width="602" height="350" video_id="eQLe3iIMN7k"]

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Apple redesign into iOS 7 style.

Before this apple has introduced the new iOS 7 and Mac OSX Maverick with the new design and latest updates,with the new icons and the latest improvement in it.The iOS 7 also brings the new parallel view that enable us to see the icons in the iphone moving.And iOS7 also brings the new multitasking and control center.

Screenshot (172)

The latest news about apple and iOS 7 was the beta.The icloud beta was redesign with the iOS 7 design/style and it also contain the same features like old icloud but with the new improvement and icons.The pages,numbers and keynote still in beta,while the other are normal.You can start logging in by going to beta  . Here we inserted a few pictures on the new iCloud beta.

Screenshot (176) Screenshot (174) Screenshot (175)

Maybe the iCloud beta will be launch and will be replace old iCloud after the iOS 7 launch.

[youtube width="602" height="350" video_id="Ybr7CgZ2ekQ"]

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The new Gen of Nexus7 will launch in mid-September for Malaysia Market

Before this,Google already launch the new Gen of Nexus 7 and now for Malaysian's smartphone users who are interested in,the Asus Malaysia have shared with us that the Google Nexus will be on Malaysia Market in mid-September.The release date and the price is still unknown at this time.The new gen of Nexus7 have the same screen size like old Nexus7 but the newer one brings a lot of improvement into it.The new gen of Nexus7 uses Android 4.3 as it OS

[alert style=" green"] Source [/alert]

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


As what we know from A new set of listings on Amazon by Spigen reveals that not only will Apple be selling the iPhone 5C, there will also be an iPhone 5S – quite possibly a refreshed iPhone 5 with minor bumps in specs. To top it off, the iPhone 5C cases and screen protectors will be in stock from September 20, while theiPhone 5S bumpers will be available from August 31.At this point, it is worth noting that such case listings has happened before with the iPhone 5 last year, with cases of all kinds and shapes announced months before the official iPhone 5 was launched – many of which turned out to be wildly inaccurate.


[alert style="green"] Source :[/alert]

How to install wordpress?

What is wordpress?Wordpress is same as Joomla but wordpress is older than Joomla.Wordpress is very easy to use and it is the 1st option for bloggers to create their blog on their webserver.

Wordpress vs Joomla :

Wordpress is better to use for blogging and many more while joomla is only to create company,government and productivity websites

Template :

Wordpress have many template available while joomla have many portfolio template.

How to install?

1st download Wordpress from

2nd Transfer file using FTP to your webserver

3rd open your website by typing in

Note : you will be redirected to installation page

4th Insert all of your website details, admin details and database details then press install

You’ll need to get the database from your web hosting panel.

5th confirm the installation.Press Yes

6th  Your wordpress installation are done

7th Now you're able to customize your wordpress with beautiful template ad plugins


[alert style="green"]We offer Free Installation for wordpress.If you want us to install Wordpress for you,Do not hesitate to contact us using the contact me form on the contact me page above.This is absolutely free,no credit card required.For more info click here[/alert]

How to Install Joomla?

Having to create website for your company,or school.If you wanted to do that you considered to use Joomla for that.What is Joomla?Joomla is an open source Content management System (CMS).Who is Joomla for?Joomla is for everyone but for making blogs we suggest you to use Wordpress.How to install Joomla?Yeah you can follow the tutorial below.

1st download Joomla

2nd Transfer file using FTP to your webserver

3rd open your website by typing in

Note : you will be redirected to installation page

4th Insert all of your website details and admin details then press next

5th insert database details. then press next

You'll need to get the database from your web hosting panel.

6th confirm either you want to use sample data or not

7th  press install

8th wait untill the progress complete

Note : you maybe will experiencing some database problem please follow the steps in the video below.

9th Now you're done.Just remove the installation folder from your webserver

10th your website are ready and online now

[youtube width="602" height="350" video_id="YKhjMDyRfmA"]

[youtube width="602" height="350" video_id="n70SHoBVzUY"]

How to use MiniMu?

Maybe you have wanted to make a blog like cnn or other new site.Maybe you have seen the url's in cnn looks like this :

[alert style="grey"] or [/alert]

So it is very easy to do like this.If you already have a working wordpress website you can done it by this tutorial.You need to check the prerequisites below either you have it or not.

[ul type="check"]Hosting with cPanel[/ul]

[ul type="check"]Wordpress 3.00 or higher(you can ask us to do this for you refer below)[/ul]

[ul type="check"]MiniMu(You can download it from plugins page refer below)[/ul]

Ok let us start now.First of all you can get hosting for your own website from Bluehost and Hostgator.I recommend you to choose these two hosting provider because it provides cheap hosting.For Malaysian's you can get hosting from SKSA Technology .SKSA offers you cheap domain and hosting like Bluehost and Hostgator.If you want us to setup this for you,you can fill in the Contact Form on Contact me page above.

Second,after you have gotten all of this setup,you can now starts installing Wordpress using Softaculous or Installatron.You also can ask me to do this for you by using the contact form on the contact me page above.

Ok once you have installed Wordpress you have to go to plugins and click on the add new,then search MiniMu.You will have result as the below picture.

[caption id="attachment_104" align="alignnone" width="300"]Myhyazid go to plugins and click on add new[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_105" align="alignnone" width="300"]Myhyazid type Minimu in the search box[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_106" align="alignnone" width="300"]Screenshot (166) Then click this picture it wrote installed because i already installed minimu in my blog[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_107" align="alignnone" width="300"]Then go to Settings --> MiniMu Then go to Settings --> MiniMu[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_108" align="alignnone" width="300"]And insert the properties that you want example And insert the properties that you want example[/caption]

Then go to settings ==> minimu and you will get settings as picture above.You need to insert your own domain example : and choose your category eg: news then enter the title and description.Then click save changes.Now you're done.

Notes : You also can use instead of

for example you can view example at .




Perseids meteor shower

At 12&13 August the Perseids meteor shower have happen starting from 11 pm last night until this morning dawn.If you were missed the meteor shower last night you can  view this recorded video at youtube.

[youtube width="602" height="350" video_id="CobkAx-S4Fg"]


Windows 8.1 reportedly scheduled to launch on mid-october

After many speculation about Windows 8.1 before this,now Winodws 8.1 a.k.a Windows Blue reportedly to launch on mid-October.According to an unnamed source cited by ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, the RTM build of the operating system is still on track to hit manufacturers by the end of August, and the OS -- along with new hardware carrying it -- will be publicly available come mid-October.

Another features that many people waiting for is the re-coming of the Start Button on the Taskbar.

If you want to try the Windows 8.1 Preview you can click this link

[alert style="yellow"]Windows 8.1 Preview download [/alert]


Skype update brings HD video calls to 4th gen of iPad

One of the major upgrade in was the HD front camera.Before this you don't realised that you are using skype in Standard definition but now thank you to Skype 4.1 Update that brings improvement that enabled the HD video calling for apple latest gen of iPad.

Update: A few hours later, Skype has an additional treat -- it just released an iPhone app update that brings HD video calls to iPhone 5 owners.

[alert style="green"] Image source Engadget [/alert]

[alert style="green"] Source Engadget [/alert]

ZTE will starts offering ZTE Open

ZTE will starts offering ZTE Open on eBay US starting rom US$79.99 and also it will offers worldwide but for now the ZTE open is only available in US and UK eBay.The price in US as above but the UK price is £59.99 .

ZTE Open is the one phone that uses the Firefox OS on it.The Firefox OS is an open source OS and based on HTML5.

The ZTE Open review by

[youtube width="602" height="350" video_id="QQHDjuMWdTU"]

Blackberry exploring for strategic Alternatives

BlackBerry announce that it will find strategic alternatives to keep on the development of Blackberry 10,and one of it is strategic partnership or selling company to 3rd party company.

For this case Blackberry has create a special community that will explore and do research about it.

As all knows that Blackberry have introduce the Blackberry10 platform on the early of this year and launched the three smartphone that uses the Blackberry10,it is the Z10,Q10 and Q5.But it is hard for Blackberry to compete with other smartphone.One of the factor is the price,either it have less apps than other smartphone.



Therefore,Blackberry will launch  the Blackberry Messenger for android and iOS on this fall.

The new generation of iPad will become more light and thin?

[dropcap type="e.g. circle or none" color="#ffffff" background="#e53b2c"] O [/dropcap]n this year Apple not yet announce their new generation of iPad and of course this leads to all sorts of speculation.According to the latest report by WSJ,the new iPad will be more light and will be more hinner than before.

[dropcap type="e.g. circle or none" color="#ffffff" background="#e53b2c"] A [/dropcap]ccording to what reported,the new generation of iPad will use the film technology,the thing that was used in iPad Mini before this.

Monday, 12 August 2013

InstaWeather application available for Windows Phone users

Instaweather have offered their app on android iOS before this but now InstaWeather application are available for Windows Phone users in the Windows store.

Instaweather application gives you settings to add weather info on your picture based on a location where you were at in creative type before you share it with your friend.


For all Windows Phone users who are interesting in Instaweather,you can buy it for $0.99/RM2.99


HP Malaysia started to offer HP Slatebook 10 starting on RM 1499

Before this HP tablet Slate7 have been in saled,now the new,latest HP Slatebook10 has started to be sell in Malaysia Market with the price starting from RM1499.The HP Slatebook comes with different specs from other tablet or PC you can refer the link below.


[quote align="e.g. center, left, right" color="#999999"] [/quote]

HP Slatebook10 comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean  and use the Nvidia Tegra 4 processor with 10.1 inch screen.The HP Slatebook10 come with laptop shape and it can be convert into tablet shape.For those who are interesting in it you can make order form HP official store now.

[alert style=" green"] HP Malaysia Store [/alert]


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