Thursday, 31 October 2013

Windows 8.1 is out!

We were sorry for posting this post too late.

Windows 8.1.The new latest update for Windows 8 which brings alot of improvements and many more.

On 17 October 2013 , Windows has released the new  update Windows 8.1 in Windows Store.This updates bring a lot of improvements including the return of the START Button,The multitasking windows and many more.

For your information this update can be installed by using the Windows Store.The update appears on the featured part of the store.This update contain 3.63 GB of size and take sometime to download it.

here we put some pictures :

New Windows Store interface

Facebook for Windows  8.1

My Computer were replaced with ThisPC

Windows 8.1 brings IE11 along with it


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[CHROMIUM] How to Create your own Chromium browser in only 5 minutes.


Today i want to teach you how to create your own Chromium web browser within 5 Min.


First of all Logon to and the click Start now!
2nd . Then insert your Browser Name as in example i choose MERS.
3rd after that put a browser icons on the upload your photo box.

4th Put your FAVOURITE bookmarks for example the bookmarks that have been putted is Gmail,Facebook,Yahoo,Amazon.
The youtube bookmarks i put it before i snapp this screenshot

 5th you may detected that this picture as same as above.Ok nevermind we proceed.Set your home page..your prefered home this tuts i put the default
 Now let's choose our browser theme.The default should go within the Default chromium.You can choose whatever theme you want.Let's proceed to the next step.
For this time,there are only 8 themes available..the others you can put manually.
 Tick the I Agree the T&C and click on the Finish and download
 Please wait untill your browser complete.This process may only take in 2,3 seconds then it will automatically download your browser installer that have been created by MakeMyBrowser.
The installer will be named as YourChromium.exe

Thanks to +Martha Whitehorn for the suggestion to use MakeMyBrowser to create your own chromium browser in less than 5 min.

For your information +Martha Whitehorn  was the MakeMyBrowser app developer.
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