Monday, 24 March 2014

[UPDATE 2014] How to build your own web browser using Chromium using Visual Studio 2013

  • Prerequisite Software
    • Windows 7 x64 or later. x86 OSs are unsupported.
      • At least 10 GB of free space in an NTFS colume.Having the chromium source code on the SSD drive greatly speeds build times.
    • Visual Studio 2013 Express (Windows Desktop )
    • You can get it here
    •  and lastly Get the Chromium depot_tools.

  1. Get the Chromium depot_tools.
  2. If you are a Googler, run: download_from_google_storage --config and follow the authentication instructions. You can just press Enter when asked for a "project-id". This makes downloads much faster, and you'll get the the Pro edition of the toolchain.
  3. Follow the steps to check out the code: (largely "fetch chromium"). gclient runhooks that is run as part of the fetch will get or update the VS2013 toolchain as necessary.
    • Tips : 
    • on command prompt run fetch chromium --nosvn=True
  • ninja -C out\Debug chrome
If you're primarily going to be doing debug dev builds, you'll want to set GYP_DEFINES=component=shared_library, which uses a DLL build and incremental linking, which makes linking much faster in Debug.

No IDE is installed, however windbg is available in depot_tools\win_toolchain\vs2013_files\win8sdk\Debuggers\x86.

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